Whether you are interested in nature, small walks or long hikes (from the Mas), natural sites (castles of Aubenas and Largentière, The Devil's Bridge, Lake Issarles, the Bois de Paiolive...), swimming in the many rivers throughout relatives (Labeaume, Chassezac Drobie, Ardèche), kayaking canoeing or canyoning (Chassezac and Ardèche), Via Ferrata, acrobatic forest parks, mountain bike trips, discover the villages authentic (Ruoms, Balazuc, Thines, Labeaume, Naves, Alba the Roman ...), the spa towns (Vals les Bains, Neyrac les Bains), museums (Daudet, the chestnut, lavender) or archaeological sites (Chauvet cave, Orgnac) or stroll around the many local markets day and night (Happy is the largest, Lablachère, Les Vans ...)

... The escape will be there and the change of scenery assured!